First post and a fresh start

Welcome to my new blog! The first post is always the awkward one. I had two art blogs a while ago, they were both shelved for a variety of reasons, but to be honest I really miss this slow writing process. I also enjoy to ramble about art, so it just seemed like a good idea to start things up again. I don’t really have any high hopes or expectations for this, I just enjoy what I call slow reads, compared to the endless scrolling of social media. So, with that said, lets just jump into the art!

Many years ago I was an avid pencil sketcher, I have recently fallen back in love with this simple and basic tool. I am currently using a couple of Blackwing pencils of various cores as well as the basic but much loved Ticonderoga. My pencil sharpener of choice is the Opinel No. 8, I’m really embracing the slow methodical movements of the knife sharpening. And I really enjoy the chisel tip I can get on the pencils.

This is a pencil and watercolor sketch of our peonies, I love the blooms but hate the ants that also enjoy them. I find a quick dunk in water once I get them inside clears out any uninvited house guests. The sketchbook I’m currently using for my watercolors is the Alpha Series from Stillman & Birn. I find the paper to have just the right enough of tooth for pen, pencil, and watercolors. The weight does cause a few ripples after a heavy wash, but that doesn’t bother me, kinda adds to the charm of the sketchbook.

Well, this is all for today. I’m hoping the more I do these posts the more comfortable I’ll get with the idea of slow typing and building complete sentences. I am unfortunately in the habit of short thoughts and minimal words in order to meet the demands of social media posting. That’s another reason to get back to blogging, sharing complete thoughts and real sentences.

Thank you everyone who has read this … take care …Erik